Personal Branding

A brand is not necessarily visual. It’s a promise of an experience

Sean Adams, as referenced in brand thinking and the definition of brand

apb monogram

The goal of this project was to create a versatile and novel identity for use as a personal brand. This kind of project is supposed to represent all of our talent, wit and narcissism. Realistically though I knew this identity had to be more about process, experimentation and play—because thats who I am.

With this type of experimental approach we are free to really explore. In my exploration I sketched endlessly, re-learned Adobe Illustrator, carved a stamp, visited a laser cutting machine at Parsons and learned everything about SVG for the web.

personal brand sketches
Sketches of monograms, knot tieing and user interface compoents
personal brand sketches
Monogram rubber stamp and exploration of print and digital applications of the identify
Timelapse video of a laser etching machine. Here an adobe illustrator file is being burned into matte board at a specific depth. The system can also be used to cut the raw material.
lp backpack sketches
A set of letterpress business cards